About Me

Hi, I'm Christina Hall, an Event and Portrait Photographer based in Portland, Oregon. I am known for my photojournalistic approach that captures the essence of real-life experiences in candid, unposed moments. I especially enjoy music and portrait photography and have had a lifelong fascination with photography since being gifted a 110 camera as a child.

Outside of photography, I’m the person at the party petting the dogs and in love with my own. I'm half-Korean and sometimes when I speak you can tell I'm also half-Midwest. I enjoy hiking, but not in a it's-my-personality kind of way. Sending TikToks is my love language.

I'm a big contradiction - a morning person that loves concerts. Someone who values health but rejects diet/wellness culture. I’m mostly introverted and soft-spoken, but once you get to know me I’m out in the open.

I'm hopeful, empathetic, have a dry sense of humor and am a recovering perfectionist.  ♥

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