How Do I Book?

Please contact me and we can chat. I require  a 50% non-refundable booking fee to lock in your date and time. This will be applied towards your session once it is completed. The remainder of your session and any applicable fees are due immediately following your shoot.

Why Do I Have To Sign A Contract?

I like to look at it more as a formal agreement where our expectations are laid out and we are on the same page. 

Anyone that books with me needs to have a contract in place. I know it feels weird, but even my friends sign one.

Do You Do Other Types Of Photography?

Wedding and family photography, no.

Product photography, sort of…My style is more lifestyle or documentary, so I’m happy to create images of your items “in real life” and being used.

If it’s not my expertise, but you want to work with me, I’m open to collaborating if it makes sense! Learning and growing together is always fun

How Will I Receive My Files?

For lifestyle sessions I will send you a gallery straight out of my camera (minus the ones that are out of focus or of you blinking) within 48 hours of your session. You will have one week to select the number of photos that were included in your package for me to edit. Once I receive your picks, I'll send a gallery of edited files within two weeks. You can send them to print, download and post online. Your gallery will expire after 60 days, so be sure to download your images as soon as possible. Additional photos are available for purchase if you find more that you love.

For events, you will receive a gallery of edited photos within two weeks. I can expedite the process for an additional fee.

Will You Photoshop / Retouch My Body?

No. Photoshopped images are in the media we consume and it negatively affects us and make us think we need to look a certain way.

If you’re feeling insecure about body parts or worrying about being judged, I’m happy to listen prior to our session, but I will not retouch or alter client's appearance outside of temporary blemishes.

The only other exception is wrinkled clothing. They can be edited for a fee - but I strongly recommend ironing or steaming.

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